About Pinsa Rossa

Inspired by the traditions of the Ancient Roman Empire, we’re pleased to introduce Pinsa Rossa, your new Pacific Heights neighborhood Pinseria! The word “pinsa” derives from the Latin word “pinsere,” which means to stretch, spread, push or press out. And that’s exactly what we do – each night, our chefs hand-press our Roman-style pinsas to imperfectly perfect oval shape crusts to top them with fresh, traditional ingredients to craft “pinsa perfection” in every bite.Our signature crust pays homage to the pinsas of the past. Our cloud-like dough and crispy crust are the foundation of our perfect pinsas. Compared to a traditional pizza which has a thick, doughy and chewy texture, our pinsas are light, airy and crispy. Our pinsas have 61% more water, 48% less sugars, 85% less fat, 91% less saturated fat, and 100% less cholesterol, making them the healthier alternative to your standard pizza.
We’re passionate about our pinsas and know you will be, too. San Francisco has a lot of pizzas but Pac Heights now has Pinsa Rossa! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to say that you’ve tried the first-ever #PacHeightsPinsa. Come see us. We look forward to welcoming you!

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